Friday, July 8, 2011

False Economy

To me false economy is when we do things too cheap. When we buy things from an extreme discount store where all the merchandise is made over seas with cheap labor. Well come on, why do we keep buying it? It is not only cheap, it is cheaply made. It will not last, it is going to fall apart about the first time you use it.

I don't know why so many people keep buying this junk. What a waste of time, money, resources. Better to wait a bit and save up and buy a better made, better quality product to begin with. If you think about it, there will be no antiques from this generation. It is all press board and card board. Most of this type of furniture and goods don't last even 5 years, let alone 50.

Why do you think our economy is in such bad shape? All our manufacturing jobs have gone over seas, where things are made with virtually slave labor. Help the American economy; buy American made products whenever possible, even if they are a few cents more. The job you save may be your own.

Help out a local business, buy used, vintage, antique furniture and goods. They might even cost more than a new piece, but if they are made from good solid wood, and are properly cared for, they will probably outlast you.

You could even learn to build it yourself. There are many plans and books showing you how to build things. Some are simple and easy for beginners, while others are more difficult. While not impossible for a beginner, they do take some knowledge of wood, tools and require a little more care and patience. But the satisfaction, oh that is wonderful. Who knows perhaps you will make a table or cup board or chair that is revered and cherished for generations in your family.

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