Thursday, February 2, 2012

Grocery Budget Continued

My YNAB budget program tells me that my average monthly budget for the past 12 months is $209.74. Of course some months were less and some were more. I did not have my garden in until fall so it really doesn't factor in at all. While it did give me about $30 worth of produce, mostly salad greens, in January, that of course isn't enough.

In January I did buy 20 pounds of chicken which were on sale very cheap. I try not to think of how they were raised when I cook them. I'm looking forward to having my own flock and my own meat and eggs again. However, I'll eat the last of it probably this week. There are a few bits of leftovers in the freezer along with cheese that was on sale. These will help me out this month. I will probably make a pot of chicken soup along with a pot of pinto beans with green chili out of the leftover bones and bits of chicken, which should carry me through close to the middle of the month.

Since my garden is not producing very much I'm buying produce through the Bountiful Baskets co-op, which is a great value for the money. Through them in Jan I was able to buy a 38 pound case lot of Pink Lady apples for just $22.50, less than $1 a pound. I'm not that fond of citrus, but I love fresh apples. This time of year I eat 5-10 pounds of apples a week, so this lot should carry me over for the month. This is a terrific savings since even on sale apples at the store are about $1 a pound and some varieties regular price is $1.49 to over $2 a pound.

While I have left the average of $209.74 as the grocery budget this month, I'd like to get that down to about $150 if I possibly can. I have a lead on buying grass fed lamb and want to save up so I can buy one when they are available. I don't know the price yet, waiting for an answer back from the grower.

So what are you doing about the high price of food in your neighborhood?