Monday, May 30, 2011

From Oct 22, 2009
Right now I am very focused on my money. What is it doing, where is it going, how much do I have coming in? In just 2 weeks of being very focused I have discovered about an extra $200 this month. Right now it is just staying in the bank, instead of going to yard sales or Wal-Mart. If you want to save money stay out of Wal-Mart, the $1 store and all those other places.

I very much want to get a buffer of one month’s income in the bank as soon as possible. That will give me great peace of mind. [edit May 31, 2011, I achieved this in July 2010]

Our local grocery ads came out today, so I went over them and checked my list, cut out a couple of coupons, so everything is all ready for shopping on Friday.

So how’s your cottage economy this week? Are you on budget or do you need to work on one? Do you have a list of the things you need to buy? Shopping with a list and a firm amount of money that you will spend (& no more!) will help keep you from overspending. If you know that you should really only spend $50 on groceries, then make a list and write $50 in big red letters at the top. Keep at least a rough count of what you are putting in your cart.

Get the most nutrition for your $1 by buying wisely. Skip the prepackaged junk and make things from scratch at home.

Tonight at my house we had a homegrown/homemade dinner: Spaghetti made from home grown tomatoes and other veggies with home made Italian sausage and home made 100% whole wheat noodles.  I did buy the pork the sausage was made from, the flour the noodles were made from, some olive oil and the parmesan cheese grated over everything. Here’s hoping in a year or two the pork will be homegrown too.

[edit May 31, 2011 Unfortunately a lot of life got in the way of homegrown meals. See my garden blog for an update on how I am currently resurrecting my garden and again working on this goal]

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